About us and our services


IMDS BV is active in international business development services and the leading representative of partner manufacturers in the “Medical & Safety” and” Beauty & Health”  markets. Our formula for success for more than three decades has been our ability to expand our manufacturers’ product lines within existing distributors, retailers and end users, while expanding them with new distributors and retailers. Over the years, we have built strong long-term relationships with our huge distributors, retailers and end-user networks that are second to none. We are proud to communicate with both our manufacturer partners and customers to create win/win solutions that result in increased sales and distribution

Our team


Education & Training


We are a team of professionals in the “Medical & Safety” and “Beauty & Health” industry with a total experience of more than 35 years. We are a proactive team that continues to learn every day as technology and the business landscape change rapidly. We all share the same values ​​and have built every project based on trust and the highest quality of services.

Our team is working in two divisions:

IMDSMEDICAL: “Medical & Safety”.

IMDSGLOBAL : “Beauty & Health”.


  • Constant communication with our manufacturer partners
  • Fast and efficient communication with distributors and end users
  • Open line of communication between the distributor’s sales team and our team


  • Insight into online presence with our distributors
  • Comprehensive product launch, maintenance and support for our partners.
  • You will find a solid and strong strength of all sales activities in the target countries.
  • Clear sales strategy in mind, we proactively look for opportunities to expand your business.
  • Expand your distribution through our expanded and new distribution network
  • Drive sales with existing distributors and national accounts
  • Strong long-term relationships with distributor management
  • Sales conversations with end users
  • Customized CRM platform.
  • Monitor customer sales and marketing activities.
  • Identify the budgets of the customers for each year by monitoring the budget realized every six months.
  • Define business opportunities for each customer to consider in the target budget or forecast.
  • Development reports with all existing and new customers to know their future plans, as well as coordination with the marketing department to achieve the strategic goals.
  • Distributor sales meetings and training sessions
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Participation in trade fairs
  • Resolving problems for distributors and end users with technical product problems
  • Webinars for product training and video conferencing


You can expect a variety of good quality features in the media targeting your target audience, including traditional media, social media and newsletters.

  • Development of communication strategy.
  • Generate high-profile coverage.
  • Blogger relationships,
  • Celebrity management.
  • Media events and presentations.
  • Press trips.
  • Media monitoring.

We know how to strengthen your market presence;

Your company will conduct joint partnership activities along with target brands to increase your market presence, as well as the events that appeal to your target audience to increase brand awareness. We will also help to develop your social media so that you can turn it into another sales tool for acquiring new customers and partners.

Marketing continues throughout the life of a product, finding new customers, improving the product’s attractiveness and performance, and managing

  • Newsletters to distributors and the network of end users.
  • Create value for the products and services.
  • Build a brand and implementation plan,
  • Tailor-made marketing materials for our distributors.
  • Social media management in common languages.
  • Development of marketing strategy.
  • Blog posts
  • Product emails to our extensive end-user network.
  • New strategic marketing plan prepared with changes needed from time to time according to market trends.
  • Sales and marketing reach by leveraging CRM platform

We are proud to represent some of the leading manufacturers in the industry and maintain strong relationships with the best in the health and beauty and medical and safety protection industry and distributors, wholesalers and retailers in our area. The result? A wealth of sales opportunities for your business.