Virion COVID test

Virion Test

Our Virion Covid-19 test is reliable and very fast for large scale use. The Virion test is perfect for airports, ferry terminals, cruise ships, events, shopping malls, education centres and anywhere where fast and accurate results are required.

The Virion test is a new Covid-19 testing device with over 95% accuracy. The technology that makes this possible is Ion Mobility Spectrometry. The use of Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) technology makes it possible to detect the smallest amounts of volatile chemicals that can be ionized. That’s why the Virion test can process a sublingual saliva sample in less than 50 seconds, and most importantly, it’s portable and extremely easy to use.

The greatest potential is expected to be seen at major traffic areas such as Air-Cruise ports, shopping malls, sporting events, businesses, education centers and entertainment shows. Only by using the Virion test as a screening filter can we significantly reduce the infection rate and even the death rate without hurting company revenues by enforcing strict quarantines and lockdowns.”

Endless possibilities


The device is a portable automated lab for detecting the Covid-19 virus using a saliva sample. Therefor the device can be operated anywhere needed, suitable to operate at:

  • Tourism, hotels and airports
  • Stadiums, sports, shows and concerts
  • Hospitals and nursing homes
  • Army units, emergency response, police and fire stations
  • University, schools and kindergartens
  • Factories, offices and malls
  • Any other place who is interested in returning to full economic operation or social routine without fear or risk of mass infection.